8 Funny Vegan T-Shirts

Who says vegans don't have a sense of humour? These eight funny vegan T-shirts prove that the plant-based generation doesn't have to be so serious all the time. Yes, the planet is dying. And yes, animals are being horrifically abused on an unimaginable scale. But that doesn't mean that when we're not enlightening others about these depressing facts, we can't have some fun and lighten up with some vegan humour!

So let's get started ...

1. Lettuce Change the World

Lettuce Change the World - Funny Vegan T-Shirt

Who doesn't love a good pun? If you're vegan, then just like us, you want to change the world. You want to make it a better place: a world free from animal abuse. But those pesky meat eaters just won't 'lettuce'. Ha. You see what we did there? Anyway. Puns aren't reserved just for Dad Jokes. Puns are one of the highest forms of humour. So lettuce have this one, alright?

2. Vegan: Yes, I'm From the Future

Vegan: Yes I'm from the Future - T-Shirt - 100% Organic Cotton
If the future is vegan, then that means ... we are from the future. Pretty deep stuff, we know. So why not show off that you're a walking anachronism with this funny vegan tee? You can wear this futuristic T-shirt back into the future from whence you came. (Because that's how time-travel works, obviously.)

3. Seitan Devourer

"Seitan Devourer" Vegan T-Shirt - 100% Organic Cotton

Everybody loves seitan! (The food, of course.) But if all the vegans eat seitan (Satan), then who's going to run Hell? It would be anarchy down there. Oh, well. Seitan just tastes too good, so we'll have to risk it. Show off your love for seitan with this vegan T-shirt made from 100% organic cotton.

4. I Want To F U

"I Want To F U" Funny Vegan T-Shirt

This T-shirt is for the raunchy vegans out there. You know who you are. With its double-meaning, this design is guaranteed to get some laughs and to start a few conversations. And if it doesn't, well ... at least there's always tofu to cheer you up.

5. "Smashed it!" Avocado

Smashed It Avocado - Funny Vegan T-Shirt

If you love smashed avocados, then this is the perfect punny t-shirt for you. Don't just 'smash it' in your day-to-day life, you successful vegan warrior, you! Smash it with your look, too, by wearing one of our most popular designs.

6. Animals Thumbs Up

"Animals Thumbs Up" Vegan T-Shirt

This funny vegan T-shirt keeps it simple. We like animals more than people. Sorry (not sorry). But more seriously, animals do get a big thumbs up from us. And the more humans who turn vegan, the more they'll grow on us too!

7. Vegans Are Better in Bed

"Vegans are Better in Bed" Funny T-Shirt - 100% Organic Cotton
This T-shirt is mostly funny because of its audacity. You gotta be brave to wear this bold design. Why? Well, if you go out on the pull and get lucky, you might just have to put your money where your mouth is.

8. Let's AvoCuddle

"Let's AvoCuddle" Vegan T-Shirt

'Lettuce' finish how we started with another punny T-shirt. This cruelty-free tee is for the avocado-loving vegans who also enjoy a good old shnuggle. Why not have an avocado, and then 'AvoCuddle' in this super-soft tee made from 100% organic cotton?

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