5 Vegan T-Shirts for Your Summer Wardrobe

The days are getting brighter, the nights shorter, and pub gardens are filling up all over the country. That can mean only one thing: it's summertime! The season of sun, sea, and tofu skewers is finally upon us. And to help you get summer ready, we’ve put together a list of our trending items so you can style up your vegan summer wardrobe.

Vegan Original’s Summer Essentials:

1: Vegan Vibes Only

Get ready to add some vegan vibes into your outfit this summer! Whether you’re jetting off to balmy tropical climes or enjoying staycation home comforts, we’ve got you covered with this stylish t-shirt. Our 'Vegan Vibes Only' t-shirt comes in a comfortable unisex fit for both men and women, offering a smart and modern style. This premium tee is made from 100% organic cotton, so it’s super-soft to touch and will feel kind on the skin during those scorcher days. The eye-catching design is bound to get the vegan conversation going, so why not spread the word of veganism wherever your summer takes you?

"Vegan Vibes Only" T-Shirt

2: Save the Bees, Plant More Trees, Clean the Seas

One of our favourites, this ethically-made 100% organic cotton t-shirt spreads an important message throughout the summer by encouraging others to take action and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. With many different colour options available, you can choose the best shade for your summer outfit. This tee comes in a comfortable unisex fit and is a great way to spread the vegan message more subtly. This clean and eye-catching design is printed using vegan water-based inks, which are kinder on the environment and don’t involve animal products or animal testing.

Save the Bees, Plant More Trees, Clean the Seas - Vegan T-Shirt

3: Plant-Based

This t-shirt is our shout-out to the plant-based generation. With both black and white options available for women and men, you can pick the style that suits your summer outfit best. Simple yet eye-catching, this vegan T-shirt looks great with skinny jeans or chino shorts for those long summer evenings. Eat, wear, and live plant-based this summer.

Plant-Based - Vegan T-Shirt

4: Bee Kind

We ‘beelieve’ in a world that’s fair for everyone, and that’s why we love the message on this vegan t-shirt. The little bee on this tee can be your companion for spreading kindness and compassion to everyone this summer. Ethically made with 100% organic cotton, this t-shirt will feel and look great during those balmy summer afternoons.

Bee Kind - Vegan T-Shirt - 100% Organic Cotton

4: V is for Vegan

If you’re into keeping your vegan style simple, then this is the one for you. This vegan t-shirt comes in our classic and comfortable unisex fit, so it's ideal for warmer weather. Made from 100% organic cotton, this t-shirt is ethically made and designed to be long-lasting. Bring out the design of this tee by pairing it with black or grey shorts / jeans.

'V' Vegan T-Shirt - 100% Organic Cotton (Unisex)

5: V-Gang

Come rain or shine, everyone will want to be part of the V-Gang this summer. This eye-catching design is for those who love animals and want the world to know about it. With 5 different colour options in our classic unisex fit, this comfortable t-shirt is sure to be a vegan favourite. This tee is a great way to add vegan style to your outfit during the day or night.

V-Gang - Vegan T-Shirt  - 100% Organic Cotton (Unisex)

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