30 Best Vegan T-Shirts

We've gathered our best vegan t-shirts together to help you find the perfect outfit to spread messages of kindness, compassion, and equality for all beings. This list includes a range of styles, including funny t-shirts, cute designs, animal rights tops, and some of our most popular vegan gym tees.

What Makes Our Vegan T-Shirts the Best?

Every single t-shirt on this list is made from 100% organic cotton. The designs are also printed using vegan water-based inks. Not only are these tees modern, stylish, and minimalistic, but they are premium quality, ethically made, and much kinder to the environment.

Some vegans are happy enough wearing standard cotton or polyester, but super vegans wear 100% organic cotton. Why's that? Well ...

Organic cotton:

  • Uses far less water than conventional cotton
  • Has lower carbon emissions
  • And involves the use of no fertilisers or pesticides

What Else Makes Our T-Shirts Ethical and Premium Quality?

  • We use only PETA-approved clothing manufacturers
  • Our manufacturers are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, meaning all of our t-shirts are ethically made. That means legal work contracts, safe working conditions, and a living wage. And absolutely NO sweatshops.
  • The water-based inks are non-toxic and avoid the use of animal products and animal testing. The designs are expertly printed to be flexible and long-lasting.
  • No harmful chemicals. Our clothing manufacturers are certified under GOTS and to OekoTex 100 standards.
  • All of our products are posted in plastic-free packaging that is either 100% recyclable or biodegradable (and sometimes both!)

So let's get started ...

1. "Plant-Powered" Vegan Gym T-Shirt

"Plant-Powered" Vegan Gym T-Shirt

The perfect vegan gym tee to show off your plant-based power, this t-shirt is one of our most popular designs. And because it's made from 100% organic cotton, it's soft and breathable, making it super comfortable to wear whilst working out.

Here's a snippet from a 5-star review: "This t-shirt is so comfortable for general use and at the gym."

2."Plant-Based" Vegan Tee 

"Plant-Based" Vegan Tee

Another t-shirt for proudly showing off your plant-based lifestyle. Designed using a stylish, modern font, this ethical tee can be worn for all occasions and makes the perfect conversation starter. If you're one of the vegans who prefers the term 'plant-based', then this is the top for you.

3. "Smashed It Avocado" Funny Vegan Tee

"Smashed It Avocado" Funny Vegan Tee

We love a good pun, and this t-shirt is for all you smashed avocado-lovers who regularly 'smash it' in your day-to-day life. This is another subtle vegan t-shirt, which is great for getting a laugh and starting a more positive conversation about veganism. It also makes a perfect gift for any avocado-lover, whether or not they're vegan!

4. "Animal Lover Definition" Vegan Organic Cotton Tee

"Animal Lover Definition" Vegan Organic Cotton Tee

Do you roll your eyes when you hear people calling themselves an animal lover because they have pets, while they're sitting there eating an egg and ham sandwich? Yeah ... we roll our eyes too! That's why we've created this vegan t-shirt, which gives the true definition of an animal lover: a person who does NOT eat or exploit animals.

5. "Herbivore Stegosaurus" Cruelty-Free T-Shirt

"Herbivore Stegosaurus" Cruelty-Free T-Shirt

We love this vegan tee, and so do our customers! This contrast of cute and classy makes for a interesting design, which is ideal for all herbivores⁠—and dinosaur-lovers, too! And if you're a herbivorous dinosaur that somehow survived the comet, then this is definitely the vegan t-shirt for you!

6. "Dairy is Scary" Animal Rights Tee

"Dairy is Scary" Animal Rights Tee

In some ways, the dairy industry can be more cruel than the meat industry. Cows are forcibly impregnated, and then their babies are taken from them, often within the first few days of birth, all so that humans can steal the milk intended for calves. With this animal rights t-shirt, you can help spread this important message and start conversations about how scary the dairy industry is.

7. "Vegan Warrior" Organic Cotton T-Shirt

"Vegan Warrior" Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Here's another favourite vegan t-shirt for the gym. Put this on and transform into a vegan warrior. (You still have to workout to become a true vegan warrior; the t-shirt isn't magical, unfortunately. But it looks great!)

8. "Vegan Original Logo" T-Shirt

"Vegan Original Logo" T-Shirt

Our stylish, minimalistic logo t-shirt is another top pick. Combining a simple 'V symbol with dark green leaves in the design, this ethical tee is one of our more subtle products for signalling your vegan lifestyle. It can be worn without any meat-eaters giving you funny looks. However, other vegans might recognise the 'V' symbol and think, "One of us! One of us!" (That's a good thing.)

9. "V-Gang" Organic Cotton Vegan T-Shirt

"V-Gang" Organic Cotton Vegan T-Shirt

Join the V-Gang with this 100% organic cotton t-shirt. This one is great to wear while hanging out with other vegan friends or family members. And if you really want to stand out, your whole group should wear this top ... but that might be a little OTT. Better to mix it up with some other great t-shirts from this list, and leave this design to the leader of your V-Gang.


10. "Bee Kind" Cute Vegan T-Shirt

"Bee Kind" Cute Vegan T-Shirt

Be kind to bees. Be kind to one another. And be kind to all animals! This cute vegan tee says a lot with just one word and a stylish illustration of a bee. Our "Bee Kind" t-shirt is always getting attention with its simple design placed above your heart, making it smart enough to wear for most occasions.


11. "Lettuce Change the World" Funny Vegan T-Shirt

"Lettuce Change the World" Funny Vegan T-Shirt

This pun carries a serious message. People go vegan for all kinds of different reasons⁠—for the animals, for their health, for the planet, and so on. But no matter what reason you went vegan for, most of us want to see positive change in the world. We want the madness to stop. We want the horrific animal abuse perpetrated by the meat, dairy, and egg industries to come to an end. So why not wear this ethically made, cruelty-free tee to help start conversations about why change is desperately needed?


12. "Vegan Vibes Only" Ethically Made T-Shirt

Vegan Vibes Only - Ethical T-Shirt

Spread positive vegan vibes with this light, white t-shirt. Made from premium quality 100% organic cotton, this light-coloured tee is perfect for the summer months. It's super soft, breathable, the design is made to be flexible and long-lasting, giving you ultimate comfort on even the hottest of days.

13. "Cruelty-Free Tee" Fair Wear T-Shirt

"Cruelty-Free Tee" Fair Wear T-Shirt

Not only are all of our t-shirts made by members of the Fair Wear Foundation, meaning they are ethically made, but they are all 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The inks are water-based, non-toxic, free of animal products, and have NOT been tested on animals. With this cute vegan t-shirt, you can proudly show off that you wear only cruelty-free clothing.

14. "Save the Seas" Eco-Friendly T-Shirt

"Save the Seas" Eco-Friendly T-Shirt

Veganism isn't just about the animals. It's about the environment too. Do you get frustrated when people wear t-shirts with eco-friendly messages, but the t-shirt itself is made from polyester, standard cotton, or other materials that are damaging to the environment? Or perhaps the 'earth-friendly' tee was sent out in plastic packaging? Well, our t-shirts are ALL made from 100% organic cotton, which uses less water and has lower carbon emissions, and all of our products are sent in plastic-free packaging. You can proudly wear this environmental activist t-shirt, knowing it has been made using the latest eco-friendly, ethical methods.


15. "Grow, Eat, Plant, Repeat" Vegan T-Shirt for Men and Women

"Grow, Eat, Plant, Repeat" Vegan T-Shirt for Men and Women

This stylish design shows off the simplicity of a vegan lifestyle. Grow. Eat. Plant. Repeat. No animal slaughter needed, thank you. Available in both light and dark colours, this ethical tee stands out with the bold green text, helping to spread this simple yet powerful message.


16."Animals Make the World Go Round" Organic T-Shirt

"Animals Make the World Go Round" Organic T-Shirt

Animals are vital to the survival of our planet. Without them, we would cease to exist. That's why we love this t-shirt, which gives animals centre stage in the design. By wearing this ethical tee, you can be part of the vegan movement and help to liberate all animals.


17. "Eat Plants, Not Babies" Animal Rights T-Shirt

"Eat Plants, Not Babies" Animal Rights T-Shirt

Did you know that most in the meat industry, most animals are slaughtered at a very young age. Cows are generally slaughtered before the age of 2, despite having a natural lifespan of 15-20 years. Please help us to stop this madness by wearing this bold animal rights t-shirt! It's sure to grab some attention and start few conversations⁠—and possibly some heated debates.


18. "Animals Thumbs Up" Fair Wear Organic Cotton Tee

"Animals Thumbs Up" Fair Wear Organic Cotton Tee

Here's another funny vegan design that also shows our love for animals. Animals get a big thumbs up, but humans ... well, we're undecided about them. Another great conversation-starter, this humorous tee is of course made from 100% organic cotton.


18. "Vegan" Smart 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt

"Vegan" Smart 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt

This smart, minimalistic t-shirt seamlessly incorporates our logo symbol into the word 'vegan' to create an ethical tee that stands out because of its simplicity. Hey ... want to hear a joke? How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don't worry. Their t-shirt will tell you! (Hilarious, we know ...) So if you're bored of having to tell everyone that you're vegan, the solution is simple; just wear this top.


19. "Vegan Punk" Eco-Friendly T-Shirt

"Vegan Punk" Eco-Friendly T-Shirt

For all you vegan punks out there. We love this t-shirt! Wear it at home, wear it on the streets, or wear it to a gig! Proud to be a punk, and proud to be vegan.


20. "I Want TO F U" Eco-Friendly, Ethical T-Shirt

"I Want TO F U" Eco-Friendly, Ethical T-Shirt

You've gotta be brave to wear this one, with its double-meaning, because you're sure to get some double takes in this. As just one of our many funny vegan tees, this design stands out with its bold white text against a black box.
You can also see the wonderful Those Vegan Guys wearing our 'I Want TO F U' and 'Plant-Powered' tees in this video. If you haven't already, be sure to check out their YouTube channel for down-to-earth veganism at it's best.


21. "Adopt, Don't Shop" Animal Rights T-Shirt

"Adopt, Don't Shop" Animal Rights T-Shirt

Adopting pets saves lives and helps to stop pet overpopulation. There are so many other reasons to adopt instead of shop. If you care about animal rights, then wear this t-shirt proudly.


22. "Life is Precious" Ethically Made T-Shirt

"Life is Precious" Ethically Made T-Shirt

This cute and stylish t-shirt reminds us all that life is a gift, but life is also precious. So we must do everything we can to protect the environment and animals of this planet. Check out more stylish tees from our Love Nature range here.


23. "Let's AvoCuddle" Cruelty-Free Tee

"Let's AvoCuddle" Cruelty-Free Tee

This ever-popular top is perfect for avocado lovers with a sense of humour. It's also great for dropping a hint when you feel like cuddling up to that special someone in your life.


24. "Vegan for the Animals" Cute Vegan Tee

"Vegan for the Animals" Cute Vegan Tee

Everyone has different reasons for going vegan. Some do it for health and some for the planet, but most of us do it for the animals. We want to stop the unimaginable suffering that billions of animals endure every year. Wear this top to let others know why you went vegan, and to help encourage those around you to make more compassionate choices.


25. "Save the Bees, Plant More Trees, Clean the Seas" 100% Organic Vegan T-Shirt

"Save the Bees, Plant More Trees, Clean the Seas" 100% Organic Vegan T-Shirt

Mixing powerful words, imagery, rhythm and rhyming, this tee shares an environmental message that needs to be heard now more than ever. Veganism and environmentalism go hand in hand. Wear this t-shirt proudly, knowing you're doing your part to help save the planet, while also encouraging yourself and others to be more environmentally friendly. P.s. Every order at Vegan Original plants at least one tree, so you can wear this t-shirt knowing you're giving back to the environment too.


26. "There is No Planet B" Ethical Vegan Tee

"There is No Planet B" Ethical Vegan Tee

This t-shirt is another of our most popular environmentalist tops, because the message mixed with the beautiful scenery of nature and animals sends a poignant message. Earth is the only home we have, so the responsibility to protect it falls on all of us.


27. "Compassion" Organic T-shirt

"Compassion" Organic T-shirt

Compassion, compassion, compassion⁠—one of our favourite vegan mantras. This t-shirt helps to encourage others to show more kindness and respect to animals as well as humans. Just like humans, animals simply want to be safe and live their lives as comfortably as possible. They deserve our respect, kindness, and compassion.


28. "Vegan: Yes, I'm From the Future" Funny T-Shirt

"Vegan: Yes, I'm From the Future" Funny T-Shirt

If the future is vegan, then the vegans of today are officially time-travellers. That means it's up to us to warn the people of today about the horrendous damage and suffering animal agriculture is causing. Why not wear this light-hearted, funny t-shirt to help spark a more serious conversation on veganism?


29. "Plant-Eater" Vegan T-Shirt for Women and Men

"Plant-Eater" Vegan T-Shirt for Women and Men

Kale will never be able to look at you in the same way whilst you're wearing this one. Stylish yet simple, this t-shirt gets the message across. Vegans know how well we can all thrive on a plant-based diet, so let's get others talking about it and discovering it for themselves.


30. "My Food Grows Back" Organic Vegan Tee

"My Food Grows Back" Organic Vegan Tee

There's not enough solid research or evidence to prove that plants feel pain or suffer. But we all know that animals do. Some plants grow back or continue to bear fruitwhereas all animals in the food industry are eventually slaughtered or die from the horrendous conditions they live in. And just like humans, animals only have one life. By wearing this t-shirt, you remind others that choosing to eat plants, not animals, is the more ethical decision to make.


To find out more about what makes our vegan t-shirts ethically made and 100% vegan, check out our FAQ and About Us pages.

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